the Satyr of Springbok Heights
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  Die Burger (September 2009)
  The Cape Times (September 2009)
  Argus Tonight (10th September 09)
  Mamba Online (September 09)
  Mahala (September 09)
  EXIT Magazine (August 2009)
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  Pink Tongue (August 2009)
  Megan Furniss

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  Argus Tonight (Sept 30)
  The Pink Tongue (Sept 26)
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  The CapeTowner (September 2009)
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  Weekend Argus (30 August 2009)
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  Michelle Coburn (VISI Magazine)
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»  Screenings
  • Rhode Island International
     Film Festival
     - Providence, Rhode Island, USA
                  6 August 2009, 9:30pm

  • Out In Africa Gay and
     Lesbian Film Festival
     - Johannesburg, South Africa
                Sat 5 Sept 2009, 5:00pm
                Wed 9 Sept 2009, 6:45pm

  • Out In Africa Gay and
     Lesbian Film Festival
     - Cape Town, South Africa
                Sun 13 Sept 2009, 5:00pm
                Tues 15 Sept 2009, 8:45pm

  • Labia Cinema
     - Cape Town, South Africa
                from 25 September 2009


"I've seen some really great films - you mentioned the one about Springbok Heights. I love that film. I love the building... Lots of seed has been spilt on those floors! It's a quirky, marvelous film and it also shows what you can do with a little bit of courage."
- Pieter Dirk Uys, Opening of the 16th Out in Africa Film Festival, 10th September 2009

"A strange but fabulous and sometimes dark little art movie!"
- Gary De Klerk, The Pink Tongue

"It's Melrose Place as John Waters might have made it if he lived in Cape Town. The characters are as whacky as any Waters might have invented." 
- Evan Tsouroulis, EXIT

"Sunday Times columnist Lin Sampson, slumped and virtually immobile in her chair, is hilarious and totally weird." 
- Megan Furniss, Megan's Head

"I had to witness myself twittering on about loving young Afrikaans boys... It was, I think, the most embarrassing night of my life." 
- Lin Sampson, The Sunday Times

"Godfrey Johnson's portrayal of the sexually repressed Wouter Malan is poignant, funny and almost uncomfortable to watch." 
- Evan Tsouroulis, EXIT

"I think the whole thing was quite fabulous. I loved Shaun Michau’s music. I loved Nigel Murphy’s off screen interviews. I loved John Caviggia because he is so entertaining..." 
- Megan Furniss, Megan's Head

"Victoria Caballaire's performance is a revelation... Her performance of Hilda is self-deprecating and hilarious… The scene where she peddles her exercise bike with one foot while her other leg in a surgical bandage rests on her bed is classic, as is the scene where she stuffs her face with margarine." 
- Evan Tsouroulis, EXIT

"The Satyr of Springbok Heights is 60 minutes of wicked entertainment with great local flavour."
- Jasyn Howes,

"I found myself chuckling days after I had seen it." 
- Evan Tsouroulis, EXIT

"The Satyr of Springbok Heights is an awesome local production." 
- Michelle Coburn, VISI

Reviews: EXIT Magazine (August 2009) [1] [2], Pink Tongue (August 2009),, Megan's Furniss

Press: Lin Sampson (Sunday Times),

Comments: Michelle Coburn (VISI Magazine), Jason Howes ( [1] [2] [3]




The Satyr of Springbok Heights at the Labia Cinema, 28 June 2009


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